Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't send flowers I am still alive!!

I'm so sorry I have been very slack at updating my blog. I was sick and I have been / still am very busy, but I am so sorry I haven't got on here and at least put up a few photos or something
Earlier I promised I would update you on my holiday. Well that seems a bit overwhelming here's the short version. We spent a month in England visiting our daughter. We spent the majority of our time in Leeds in Yorkshire (that's where she and her partner live). We had a long weekend in St Ives, Cornwall and another weekend in London. While in London we saw two shows - Phantom of the Opera and Pricilla Queen of the Desert (should that be desert or dessert??? you know what I mean).

It was really lovely being over there and seeing where she lives and works etc and everything was very pretty and green and leafy. They have beautiful parks and gardens over there. In St Ives (lots of other places too) there were gorgeous hanging baskets and window boxes every where you looked.

My husband was amazed by the tides in St Ives. The beach there was so different to here. He took hundreds of photos of the different stages of the tide!!!

The public transport over there is brilliant and we did most of our travelling around on buses or trains. Did quite a bit of shopping. Mainly looking but did buy one or two things.

The night before we left we went to Opera in the Park and that was a lovely way to finish off the holiday. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best but we still had a great night.

Thanks for looking, and for coming back after so long without an update! I promise I will be back soon with some pictures of last weeks Stamp a Stack and photos of the things I made last weekend at the ScrapIN I went to.

Cheerio for now


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