Friday, November 6, 2009

I'll Be Back in a Couple of Weeks

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been updating the blog. We are away for a little while. Cliff had surgery on 27th October and we have to stay in Perth for a couple of weeks until he gets the all clear from the doctor. He seems to be getting a bit better each day, but is still getting quite tired and needs a bit of a rest each afternoon. He's certainly a lot better when they brought him back to his room after the surgery, there were tubes and drips and drains all over the place. Made me feel a bit queasy, I could never be a nurse!!!

So that's the reason I haven't added any new photos or sent out any emails. Fortunately where we are staying I have access to the internet, but it isn't as easy as when you are on your own computer and have your address book and everything on hand. I will wait to do all that sort of stuff once I get home.

Only the rest of this month left to get anything you want from the Spring Mini Catalogue. If there is anything you need please send me an email and I can organise to order it for you.

Catch you all soon.

Best wishes to everyone,


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