Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is there anybody out there?

Whenever I am looking at other peoples blogs I have thought about leaving a message and saying that I like something, or whatever. I haven't ever manage to do it though. It always seems like a complicated procedure! You need to sign in on your Google account or something like that, and I have always thought it was too hard, and just given up.

Today I came across "Cbox" and I actually managed to very easily leave a message for the lady who's blog I was looking at. So I have installed it here, see to the right of the screen. Hopefully someone will leave a message and I will know that someone looks at my blog. I don't have a counter on here, so I have absolutely no idea how many, or if anyone is looking. Just say hello so that I know you are out there :)

Thank You,

Have a Great Weekend!


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