Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Punch Stand

I saw a picture on the net of this great punch stand, so I asked my Dad if he could make me one. Looking at the picture of the stand on it's own you don't realise how big it is! It's a cube that swivels around, and holds 32 large punches, plus quite a few small ones too. When he had finished it I was shocked at the size. I wasn't even sure it would fit into my little car, especially as we had tons of luggage in there too! Anyway we got it home and Cliff painted it for me. So on Sunday I was ready to load up all the punches. Doing this made me clean and tidy my craft area, and it is looking so much better. I've even taken a photo. Mind you, since this photo was taken it has got a little bit messier, I've been getting things ready for tonight's Summer Mini Catalogue Launch.

Thanks Dad & Cliff for making my punch stand. X X

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